Like Linux,

but hardware.

Good Hardware Has Nothing to Hide

It’s that simple.

We want to deliver good, fully-open hardware, starting with a Libre-licensed SOC.

We’re currently backing the Libre-SOC project.

What Are The Specs?

You decide!

If you have some suggestions for features we should include, let us know!

Current consensus for the final market ready 2022 LibreSOC includes:

The details for the 2020 smoketest tapeout can be found here.

When Can I Get a Chip?

Fall 2020

Systèmes Libres is targeting a Libre-SOC tapeout by late fall for a 180nm embedded class POWER chip.

Fall 2021

A single core Libre-SOC with a GPU and open should be market ready by fall 2021.

Fall 2022

A commercial quad core Libre-SOC with a GPU and Libre licensed drivers should be market ready by fall 2022.

Can I Contribute?


More members are always welcome into the Libre-Society.

Feel free to hop on the mailing list here and start playing with the codebase.

You might also be interested in working full or part time for Systèmes Libres.