Taking Libre-SOC, our Open-Source CPU/GPU, from Code to Tapeout in 12 Months

Tuesday, May, 2020 By Yehowshua Immanuel and Michael Nolan.

An open SOC with an open GPU could alleviate a number of problems. For one, your OpenCV+ML cat-feeding Raspberry-PI(or insert some generic SBC) would finally have access to previously locked up computational acceleration available on the GPU. There may be a whole class of IOT and edge devices that could benefit.

That being said, we’re building an open source SOC, Libre-SOC, with a GPU, and we’re using an open-source toolchain the entire way, from our source code …

Who? What? How?

Monday, May, 2020 By Yehowshua Immanuel.

Hey there!

I’m Yehowshua Immanuel, founder of Systèmes Libres, the company backing the Libre-SOC.

What originally was an unrealized dream in the FOSS community is now making its way into reality. Libre-SOC is to be a fully open source SOC - open down to VLSI design cells under GPLV3. It will have a:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • VPU
  • Open source drivers for Vulkan(and eventually OpenCL + OpenGL)

Our gracious sponsors include NLNet, RaptorCS, and (previously)Purism. In addition, Robert …